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Converting YouTube Videos to MP3

Downloading has become one of the most primitive tasks of our daily routine. This being said, YouTube is extensively used for the same. Almost every music video makes it to YouTube before any other website and even before the launch of the actual video, the audio is launched. Deciding to listen to a song over and over would be a time taking process given the amount of buffering each YouTube video takes. Besides this, it is also about wasting data over a song each time.

It would only be wise to download the YouTube video in MP3 format and have it offline rather than visiting YouTube each time. There are various websites that offer such services but with so many services and websites, it becomes very challenging to choose one out of a whole galaxy of options. And with so many websites, knowing what could be the best, time saving, efficient, and reliable is yet another challenge.

zikyoutube is a website that allows free downloading and conversion of YouTube videos to MP3 songs. It is a legal platform since it does not store content and converts files that the user holds rights on. It provides free service and the user can download as many videos as he/she wants to. It can be used in various ways for downloading videos based on the comfort and convenience of the user.

It offers browser extensions through which the user can directly download from the same page. This is done by adding a “download” button to the pages visited by the user automatically. This saves the time from having to copy the video link.

Besides this, the user is also offered another way of downloading videos through flash download. This can be done by adding “po” after www. to the URL of the video and pressing enter instead of copying the link. It is a multi-platform MP3 converter that works well in almost all platforms like safari, chrome, explorer etc. zikyoutube is available in eleven languages for the convenience of users from different parts of the globe.

The multi-platform mp3 converter

Browser compatibility can be annoying, especially when you have your playlist ready but don’t have the right set of tools to convert it to a preferred format. zikyoutube understands your problems. You can count on us for uninterrupted access to your favorite tracks in pristine mp3 formats.

It doesn’t take a pro to understand the ins and outs about browser compatibility. However, given the scenario that some of us might not be as internet savvy, zikyoutube just made it a whole lot easier. This multi-faceted mp3 converter allows you to download videos to your PC, smartphones, tablets, and just about any mobile device available. What’s more? It’s absolutely virus-free and clean and clear from advertisements.

As far as the choice of browsers goes, zikyoutube is designed to work to its optimum best with Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Edge, Safari, and Internet Explorer. Imagine having to search for a video, going to an alternate location, copying and pasting the link, and waiting for eons before you can have the video converted - this process is going to eat into your time and patience a great deal.

The good thing is that those horrid days are a thing of the past when you needed to go to an alternate location just so you could download videos. Today, all you need is zikyoutube as an extension to your browser – simple, straightforward.

Loading, playing, and downloading videos doesn’t get any easier than this! Enjoy music on-the-go or right at home on your PC or mobile devices absolutely FREE!

Multiplateform online converter tool by Zikyoutube

Flash download

Is it possible to download YouTube videos in less than a minute? Absolutely! Browser extensions are just one side of the story, the other side is better and will go down easy. Just like a duck takes to water, you’ll take to downloading videos like a pro in record time. zikyoutube is the name of the game and your cherished go-place for top-quality, high-definition video downloads.

Did you know that you can download videos directly from YouTube by tweaking the URL? There you go! It’s as simple as that with zikyoutube by your side all the way. All you got to do is add po at the start of the URL. Once you’re through with that, the YouTube URL is going to change from to https://www. PO


Unlike other portals, zikyoutube doesn’t require you to install or copy links elsewhere to download videos. The conversion happens within seconds, and that’s all there is to it.

When you’re busy shuttling between household chores and the workplace, the last thing you want is the additional task of hunting down reliable portals to download videos. zikyoutube is a breath of fresh air that allows you to sit back with your feet up, unwind, relax, and enjoy a great resource of trending YouTube videos.



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